Ann's Amazing Abseil!

Our fundraisers are always going to incredible heights to help people with OCD. But sometimes, as in the case of the amazing Ann Cairns, they go to literal heights too!

Ann has long been a supporter of OCD Action, being one of our Awareness Champions. A member of her family lives with the condition, so she knows as much as anyone how devastating it can be and how great the need is for appropriate services.

Ann wrote:
To those of you who know me you will know OCD has been an uninvited guest in my family for far too long now.

OCD is a debilitating illness that wrecks lives. It is not a funny quirk involving neatness and colour coordinating; it is a thought that becomes so embedded in your brain your belief in this thought becomes so powerful you will do anything to make it feel "right". Even if the compulsion required to make it "right" takes hours out of your day you will repeat again and again until it satisfies your thought, then the doubt will appear did you do it "right" and the process will repeat & repeat & repeat and if all the compulsions are completed correctly it means you will not go blind or your family will be safe or you did not harm another human being.

Are you exhausted yet reading this!!

So, on this Saturday, 12th August 2017, Ann will be taking on an absolutely dizzying feat: abseiling down Spinnaker Tower!

Looming over the city of Portsmouth, Spinnaker Tower is a 560 foot behemoth which presents a challenge which is only for the most daring of people. Ann will be abseiling 100 metres down the side of the building. Brrr!!! We're getting dizzy just thinking about it!

It's sure to be an utterly nerve-wracking experience, but it will be absolutely worth it for all the wonderful things it will do to help people with OCD: Ann's fundraising so far has reached even higher heights than the challenge she's taken on, raising an incredible £920.30.

Thank you so much for all you've done Ann, and best of luck with your challenge!

Inspired? Donate to Ann's JustGiving page!