An Adventure in Space and Time (in memory of Dan Hulme)

It’s time for a long overdue update on a fundraiser who has moved us deeply, John-Paul “JP” Morris, and his tireless work over the last few months to honour the memory of his best friend, Dan Hulme (pictured below).

JP has been organising and participating in an astonishing amount of events since May, and his work is far from being over.

The first major event for JP was the Great Manchester Run 10K on the 22nd May. Not one to compromise, JP finished the run and even managed to beat his own personal best by 4 minutes, finishing with an astounding time of 55 minutes 6 seconds! And while doing a 10K run is a feat in itself, in JP’s case he was only getting warmed up!

Next up, on 28th May, was the main event: a Doctor Who-themed fancy dress event in Dan’s memory. This wasn’t easy either: in fact, he found that it was “more pressure organising [the] event than diving into the canal in Salford Quay. But due to JP’s efforts, the night went (according to him) as well as it was possible to go and “everyone had a good time”.

The night included a powerful speech by JP (pictured above in costume) about his late friend. An excerpt of the speech is here:

Firstly would like to say thank you to everyone for coming tonight in memory of the greatest bloke in the world, a role model and my brother. Hope you all are enjoying yourself.

Hopefully the money tonight means that the OCD action can continue to provide support and information to anyone affected by OCD, work to raise awareness of the disorder amongst the public and front line health care workers and strive to secure a better deal for people with OCD. A very important charity.

The night was a success, and there were “a lot of tears and smiley faces”. But rather than stop there, JP began to prepare for his next major event: the Great Manchester Swim. An epic 1-mile swim through Salford Quays, this was JP’s fifth open water swim (including a similar swim he did in Lake Windermere in preparation a few weeks before). Along with a group of his friends, known as "teamjp", he took on this gargantuan challenge. In a touching tribute to Dan, JP told us that he prepared for the swim by reading Doctor Who magazines the night before. He completed the swim in 57 minutes 44 seconds, which is nothing to shake a stick at!

So far JP has managed to raise an incredibly impressive £548.73 to help people like Dan who are affected by OCD, but his work continues. In fact, possibly his biggest event yet is coming up in a few months.

On 2nd October JP will be running in the Chester Marathon. This will be particularly significant for those close to Dan, as it falls on the one year anniversary period of his passing. JP will be running the entire 26 miles, and is busy preparing for it already. He says:

Going to be gruelling and exhausting effort to get through it because of three huge mountains. Done it before and I was so exhausted afterwards.

Even after this is done JP will still be looking for more ideas of activities to raise money for the charity. While he’s raised £548.73 he’s actually “determined” to reach £1000. So if you’ve been inspired by the story of him and his late friend, then please go to his JustGiving page and help him reach that target.

So three cheers for JP and his incredible efforts, and we can’t thank you enough. We’re sure that you’ve done Dan Hulme incredibly proud. Do you have any ideas for fundraising activities? If you want to do something similar to any of the events listed, just get in touch with Charlie at or call the office on 020 7253 5272.

But for now, we’ll leave you with the final words of JP’s speech about his friend:

Dan Hulme, miss you every day my brother. Will continue your good work for you. Hope you’re fighting the Daleks up there as a Doctor!