Above and beyond!

Earlier this month we told you about Sharon MacDonald’s brave decision to run the Dublin Marathon. We’re thrilled to report that she managed to run a staggering 23.5 miles, and raised an absolutely huge £515.60 in the process! Sharon, who has had OCD for 20 years, was so passionate about raising money and awareness that she ran until her legs literally gave out! Now that’s what we call commitment!

You can still donate to Sharon’s JustGiving page, so keep the donations rolling in. A huge thanks and congratulations to Sharon for her tremendous achievement!

Here are some pictures of Sharon at the beginning of the run:

It’s also not too late to donate to Sophie Hunt’s epic quest to go for a month without alcohol. Her Sober October is nearly finished, so please go to her JustGiving page to help her reach her target!

If you are running a marathon, or want to, or if you’re planning to do another type of event to raise money or awareness for people with OCD, feel free to contact Philip at philip@ocdaction.org.uk or on 020 7253 5272. Every little helps!