“Take Two”, a short film raising awareness about OCD in young people

Following treatment at the Priory in North London for severe OCD, 13 year old Charlotte Fuller wanted to help other children experiencing mental health problems to get the support they need. She and her friend Maria have made a short film “Take Two”, raising awareness about OCD in young people and launching their new charity website for children with mental health conditions.

We recently caught up with Charlotte and her mum, Marie Fuller, to find out more about Charlotte’s story.

Charlotte suffers from depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and severe OCD. In June 2017, Charlotte was seriously underweight and hadn’t eaten a meal for 3 months. She was not changing, washing or able to use the toilet. She was sleeping on the kitchen work surface and not going to school or functioning well on any level” Marie said.

Charlotte spent 7 months on the NHS ward from July 2017 – February 2018. During this time Charlotte showed much improvement but being so far from home, on a ward where at 12 she was by far the youngest, it was a very tough time for her and our family,” Marie explained.

Since being discharged from hospital earlier this year, Charlotte has made “Take Two” with Twinset productions which will be premiering at the Electric Cinema, Notting Hill at 3.30pm on July 3rd 2018. As well as the film, a panel Q and A will be hosted by ITV’s (Good Morning Britain) Sean Fletcher, and representatives from OCD Action and Young Minds will be available for advice.  

I hope the film attracts attention and creates awareness of just how awful OCD is and that it is not just lining up pencils! We also want to focus on how debilitating all mental illnesses can be. I don’t want any other child to go through what I went through – I nearly died. Maria and I also want to help grant wishes to make life more bearable and have something positive to look forward to. Please support the film and our charity,” Charlotte says.

Charlotte and Maria have set up www.mentalhelp.org.uk to offer advice and support to children with mental health issues, and also to grants wishes for children with severe and life limiting mental health conditions in a project called Wishful Thinking. They are working on granting the first “wish” as we speak; to arrange a helicopter flight for a 14 -year old boy who is suffering the cruel, life changing and limiting effects of severe OCD.

When Charlotte was so ill, we discovered that nothing like this exists in the UK at the moment,” Charlotte’s mum told us.

We are totally inspired by Charlotte and Maria’s amazing work. It’s fantastic to see young people campaigning and helping others!

Marie has kindly made a limited number of tickets available to the OCD community for the premiere of "Take Two". If you are interested contact Marie asap: marie@simplerpr.com