OCD Action are delighted to be supporting the production of a new short film - ‘Reaching Four’. Inspired by real life experiences, ‘Reaching Four’ follows Clare’s battle with OCD, and delves into the often devastating impact that OCD can have on someone’s life and the lives of those close...

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By Mairead Ruane

Posted on: 18th May 2020 by: Olivia
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Yesterday marked the started of this year’s OCD Awareness Week (#OCDWeek), a campaign set up by the International OCD Foundation and supported by hundreds of people and organisations across the world. 

Posted on: 14th October 2019 by: Olivia
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With World Mental Health Day and OCD Week just around the corner (more information on that soon!), we thought it'd be the perfect time to share information about a new awareness project we have recently heard about.

The 'Picture Your OCD' project aims to raise awareness about OCD....

Posted on: 4th October 2019 by: Olivia
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The mainstream media often portrays OCD as a quirky personality trait, but as we know, OCD is far more complex than this. We were recently made aware of a new short documentary called 'Mind Games', which aims to give a voice to those struggling with types of intrusive thoughts that can be...

Posted on: 27th September 2019 by: Olivia
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We recently wrote about an OCD awareness event taking place in Bristol, organised by Time to Change Champion Tracy, and we are delighted to share a summary of the event with you now.

One in 4 people are affected by mental health problems every year, but not everyone feels...

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Awareness and understanding of OCD has significantly improved over the last few years, and we continue to work hard every day with the community to keep talking about the real OCD and to try and change misconceptions.

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OCD Action is passionate about supporting other mental health organisations, and collaborating with them to ensure that together we are supporting as many people affected by OCD and related conditions as we possibly can. That's why we were so excited to be contacted by a brand new non-...

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OCD Action recently had the pleasure of meeting Pete Eliot, an independent filmmaker passionate about reducing mental health stigma. Pete very kindly gave OCD Action the opportunity to take part in a new documentary series for Mental Health Awareness Month which takes place throughout May...

Posted on: 31st May 2019 by: Olivia
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We are always really excited when we are contacted about a new creative project, and this time was no different! OCD Action recently met with a group of filmmakers who are creating an exciting new short film about OCD - "Blood is Thicker Than Water" (BITTW), with the support of the London...

Posted on: 5th April 2019 by: Olivia
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Author Maximilian Hawker (@MaxHawker) works in frontline children’s social care and has been affected by OCD since he was a child. He has done work on raising awareness of OCD in conjunction with OCD Action in the past, including writing a piece for our newsletter and appearing on...

Posted on: 13th March 2019 by: Olivia
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We love kicking off the new year with exciting events and campaigns, and this year is no different to last! Our annual campaigning week OCD Week of Action has begun and will continue to run until Sunday 24th February!


OCD Week of Action (#OCDwoa) is a week long campaign...

Posted on: 18th February 2019 by: Olivia

The University of Exeter’s student televisual YouTube channel recently published Talking Mental Health. The powerful short film, Directed by James Garbett, seeks to raise awareness of mental health in universities and reduce the stigma. Mental health can have a detrimental impact on the lives of...

Posted on: 29th January 2019 by: Meeja
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During the summer, some of the OCD Action team made to trip up to Edinburgh Fringe to watch three amazing plays about OCD. Now, we are excited to confirm the two of the plays ‘WEIRD’ by Lucy Burke and ‘Lost in Thought'’ by Lucy Danser are coming to London!

Both of these performances...

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Young people who have been treated for OCD have featured in a film designed to raise awareness and provide hope for parents whose children have the debilitating condition.

The film, called ‘OCD is not me’, was made in partnership with OCD Action, and South London and Maudsley NHS...

Posted on: 18th October 2018 by: Olivia

We recently had the pleasure of seeing a preview of WEIRD, a one hour one-person show about a young woman's experience with OCD, which is debuting tomorrow at the Edinburgh Fringe at The Pleasance Theatre.

Based on the real-life experiences of the talented writer Lucy Burke, WEIRD...

Posted on: 31st July 2018 by: Charlie Loveday
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Edinburgh Fringe 2018 is going to be an utterly incredible event for OCD awareness! Recently we told you about Lucy Danser's Lost in Thought and Sam Ross's Can't Stop, Can't Stop... but we can now announce another powerful depiction of someone's battle with  OCD will be making its way to...

Posted on: 19th July 2018 by: Charlie Loveday
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We're very excited by the incredible short film For Want of a Nail, from the talented minds at Oakhill Productions. FWOAN is the story of Marty, "a young man dealing with life, loss & love…oh & he has OCD". Oakhill were very keen to get input from OCD Action during the production...

Posted on: 18th July 2018 by: Charlie Loveday
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We can’t wait to see this solo theatrical performance, written and performed by Sam Ross! In this article Sam explains why he wrote Can’t Stop Can’t Stop and how it’s success, including several awards, has encouraged him to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year.

Posted on: 16th July 2018 by: Emilymedia
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We are thrilled to hear that a new play about OCD by Lucy Danser will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018!

Danser uses first- hand experience of living with OCD to explore how intrusive thoughts can control a sufferer's every day and, ultimately, their entire life as...

Posted on: 5th July 2018 by: Emilymedia
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What a month it has been! So many people have spoken openly to the media about their experiences of OCD, resulting in some truly inspiring news documentaries and articles. In case you have missed any of these stories, we thought it would be useful to highlight a few of them. It’s not too...

Posted on: 24th June 2018 by: Emilymedia
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Following treatment at the Priory in North London for severe OCD, 13 year old Charlotte Fuller wanted to help other children experiencing mental health problems to get the support they need. She and her friend Maria have made a short film “Take Two”, raising awareness about OCD in young...

Posted on: 13th June 2018 by: Emilymedia

Oakhill Productions have been working hard for the last year, developing a brand new short film 'For Want of A Nail' (FWOAN) in which the main character has OCD, and this Sunday the film will be shown at an exclusive screening event in Surrey, at The Harlequin Theatre in Redhill! 

We were...

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OCD Action recently heard about a new play 'A Gym Thing' opening in London's Pleasance Theatre at the end of April, which will explore the subject of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), and more specifically, Bigorexia. We were keen to hear more about the production and are hopeful that it will help...

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October is here already, and what better way to start the month than to tell you our plans for this year’s OCD Awareness Week (8th-14th October) and World Mental Health Day (10th October)!

Set up by the International OCD Foundation in 2009, and supported by charities all over the...

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A few weeks ago, popular news outlet - The London Evening Standard - began releasing a series of video documentaries about what life is like living in a city with a mental health condition. 

The series, entitled Mental Health in the Metropolis, was created by video journalist Alex...

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As part of #InternationalDayofHappiness, Bradford Grammar School (BGS) have launched a new campaign today, 'Spotlight on Happiness'.

This campaign focuses on this ‘whole school approach’ and features an in-depth look across ‘Well-being and Mental Health’ as well as other areas, for...

Posted on: 20th March 2017 by: Olivia
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Raising awareness of OCD is one of the Charitys key objectives, and throughout the year we work closely with the media to ensure OCD is accurately portrayed. Although we feel we are making progress, there are still too many occasions when OCD is not portrayed correctly. The damage this...

Posted on: 13th March 2017 by: Olivia
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Some of you may know the lovely Aron Bennett, who has previously volunteered with OCD Action for many years. As well as his dedication to supporting others with the condition, Aron has also written two books about his experiences of living with OCD and anxiety. A Day in My Head is Aron's...

Posted on: 15th November 2016 by: Olivia
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The Campaign

At OCD Action, we love nothing more than seeing people joining together to fight mental health stigma. The #itaffectsme campaign does just this. Created by Laura Darrall after a long battle with OCD, this simple hashtag has got people all over the world starting conversations...

Posted on: 7th September 2016 by: Olivia
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A little while ago, we told you about Perfect, a new play which aimed to dispel myths about OCD, written by our very own Regional Volunteer, Jeremy Allen and performed by the Saturday Matinee Company (SatMatCo). Having OCD himself, Jeremy was keen to raise awareness of the condition...

Posted on: 11th August 2016 by: Olivia
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Launched in 2009 by the International OCD Foundation, OCD Awareness Week aims to raise understanding and awareness of what OCD is, and how it affects people. It runs from 11-17th October, and is celebrated by organisations and individuals worldwide.

Posted on: 12th October 2015 by: Olivia
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The fourth series of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners has recently come to an end, and sadly our thoughts on the programme have not changed. Below are the points we have raised with Betty TV and Channel 4. Following the fourth series, OCD Action will continue to challenge Betty TV to re-evaluate...

Posted on: 5th August 2015 by: Olivia
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Aron Bennet, who is a Regional Volunteer for OCD Action's Better Together project, has just had a book published! 'The Walking Worried' follows Aron's journey with OCD.

Aron will be joining us at our National Conference in May, where he will be taking part in a 'Meet the Authors'...

Posted on: 11th March 2015 by: Olivia
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Today is University Mental Health Day, and in a recent study conducted by The Priory Group, it was revealed that 85% of students believe there is stigma associated with mental health at university. No one should feel embarrassed about their mental health, so we want to help get rid of this...

Posted on: 18th February 2015 by: Olivia
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Last week it was brought to OCD Action's attention that a potentially offensive product which mocks OCD, is being sold in a range of stores, both online and on the high street. A number of people reacted and as a result of their hard work, the product has been removed from two stores....

Posted on: 20th August 2014 by: Olivia
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Following her article in the Guardian, author Rose Bretécher has now written a tragicomic memoir about her life with OCD, which she is crowd-funding through Unbound; you can pledge here to help her tell her story. Unbound have kindly set up a discount code just for OCD Action members to...

Posted on: 20th August 2014 by: Olivia
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Ariane Sherine writes for The Guardian and New Humanist magazine, and is lead singer in comedy pop group The Lovely Electric. She has had OCD for nine years, and is always willing to help anyone with OCD. Ariane has kindly written a feature for OCD Action on OCD and Humour which you can...

Posted on: 7th August 2014 by: Olivia
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This week, ITV is airing a new daytime programme, which follows Nik and Eva Speakman as they attempt to cure all matter of phobias and mental health conditions. One of the episodes, which aired earlier this week, centred around a girl with OCD, whose compulsions involved biting, smelling...

Posted on: 16th July 2014 by: Olivia
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We are always looking for ways to spread awareness about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the media is one the fastest and most effective ways of getting the message out there. We encourage people to come forward and talk about their experiences of OCD – if they feel comfortable doing so...

Posted on: 9th July 2014 by: Olivia
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Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners is back despite the huge amount of upset that it caused when the first series was aired earlier this year. You can find our initial comment on the series here.

This series programme makers have done more to include people with OCD and to...

Posted on: 30th October 2013 by: Joel
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Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust has a project to promote good practice working with OCD. An important part of this is to help people understand OCD and know how to get information on dealing with it.

The Trust is organising information events and stalls, ‘drop in’ consultation...

Posted on: 9th October 2013 by: ocd-action
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Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

We have had a lot of people contact us recently about the Channel 4 programme “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.” For the most part, people have been upset and frustrated about the way in which the programme portrays OCD. We share this frustration


Posted on: 20th February 2013 by: ocd-action
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